The Real Monstera Leaf

The Real Monstera Leaf

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This is an extra-special piece because I will only ever make jewelry from the leaves that are falling off of my Monstera Adansonii, and that happens pretty rarely. 

Using a process called Electroforming, we are able to "grow" copper over the organic object, forever entombing it in copper. Copper is deposited onto the piece over 18-36 hours using an acid bath and electricity. It's science that feels like magic! 

  • Handmade Item
  • Materials : Copper, leaf
  • Height : 4.6"
  • Width : 1.75"
  • Thickness : 2mm

Each pendant comes with a brown suede cord about 18" long. 

The copper on this piece has not been sealed; see our FAQ for more info and care tips.