Transforming Natural Wonders into Wearable Treasures

Forest Fancies creates one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories.

Nature Meets Art

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Meet us at a show and you will quickly learn that we are obsessed with fossils! We lovingly curate a collection of specimens for you to purchase and we use fossil materials in our finished pieces as well! Gem Dinosaur Bone and Mammoth Teeth are a few of our favorites.

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Copper Electoformed and Plated Real Ginkgo Leaf Necklace


Electroforming is a process by which we can grow copper over or around an item. We encase twigs, leaves, mushrooms and more locally found organics in our pieces. It's science, but it feels like magic!

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We have a deep love for crystals of all sorts. Many of our pieces utilize crystals in their natural form. We also sell crystal specimens such as geodes and smokey quartz.

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Just like people or snowflakes, each stone or crystal is one of a kind. We are always creating new designs and are happy to recreate past ones as well. Forest Fancies offers gift codes that can be used in person at events or online. We also take custom orders large and small.  

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Ornamenta Naturalia Alchemiae

Transforming Natural Wonders into Wearable Treasures

I love my rings from Forest Fancies. I wear them almost daily with my wedding ring. They are my favorites!


Thank you so much for the beautiful ring and earrings! They showed up just in time and my friend absolutely loves them.


Shoutout to Forest Fancies for the dope a** copper bracelet!