This season you can purchase our handcrafted goods exclusively at The Seattle Christmas Market in Seattle Center!! Running daily through December 24th. See Calendar for hours. Online shop live again in January.

About the Artists

Shaun and Erin are a pair of lapidary artists creating one of a kind jewelry and accessories. With a focus on local PNW stones such as petrified wood and picture jaspers, we have an earthy vibe that sets us apart from other vendors. We adore creating with unique materials such as dinosaur bone and mammoth tooth; our pieces are not your average find.
We use a technique called copper electroforming to create funky, organic shapes out of copper in the form of rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. We have many quirky and oddball pieces along with lovingly curated fossil and crystal specimens. We have a passion for making handmade stone beads and are proud to create many pieces that are not gender-specific.