Giant Squid and Ocean Jasper  Inner Beast Pendant

Giant Squid and Ocean Jasper Inner Beast Pendant

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Representations of animals have been a popular jewelry design for centuries, pieces have been found in ancient ruins, tombs, and burial grounds. These animal totems can be used to represent different qualities, beliefs, or characteristics that you might want to channel. So, what's your Inner Beast?

This pendant features a small (roughly one inch) copper plated animal and a real stone or crystal.

When the worlds of metallurgy and jewelry-making collide, the enchanting art of electroforming emerges. This testament to the power of alchemy allows for the eternal preservation of objects in a luxurious copper embrace. This process begins with painting our piece in graphite, a conductor that beckons the copper’s growth to specific areas. Then, the artifact takes a plunge, joined by a piece of copper, into a mystical bath of metallic acid. Charging the solution with electricity, the acids dissolve the copper, drawing it to the graphite in a waltz of atoms. With each passing moment, layers of copper descend upon the piece, transforming it with new forms and textures. It is science, that feels like magic!

Each handcrafted piece comes with either chain or paracord, which can easily be swapped. Copper is a beautiful but reactive metal, please see our FAQ for more info and care tips.